The Power of a Positive Morning Routine

The Power of a Positive Morning Routine

Does your morning routine consist of staying in bed as late as possible while barely
making it to work on time? Getting the day off on the wrong foot can negatively
impact your entire day.
Imagine how different your life would be if you had a morning routine that ensured a
good day, instead!
If you’re like most people, your morning probably goes something like this:

  1. Alarm goes off.
  2. Hit snooze (3 times, at least).
  3. Lie there and think about how much you don’t want to get up. Or maybe you
    think about how much you dislike your job.
  4. Shower.
  5. Get dressed.
  6. Run out the door with a granola bar (or nothing) in your hand.

How can you expect to have a great day when that’s your morning routine? A good
day requires preparation and a solid foundation.

Consider these ideas when developing your positive morning routine:

  1. Wake up earlier. Going to bed earlier makes this task easier. You’ll need some
    extra time in the morning to accommodate your constructive changes.
  2. Get up immediately. Avoid lying there and thinking negatively about your day, life,
    job, challenges, or anything else. It’s harder to think negative thoughts if you’re up
    and doing something.
    • The moment the alarm sounds is called the Heroic Moment. Be a hero and get your
      head up immediately before you convince yourself that five minutes won’t hurt.
  3. Drink a glass of water. You’ve likely gone 8+ hours without a drink. Have a big glass of water. Leave a bottle of water on the bathroom counter if that’s more convenient. Just be sure to get your water – you’ll feel 10 times better in 10 minutes.
  4. Enjoy a little exercise. Take a walk, jump on the treadmill, do some pushups. It doesn’t matter which exercise you do, but do something. Focus on positive thoughts and get your body moving.
  5. Shower. This is the perfect time to use affirmations. You’re not doing anything intellectually stimulating anyway. Use the time to tell yourself how great you are and how wonderful life is. It sounds silly, but try it and you’ll like it.
  6. Eat a good breakfast. Have some yogurt and fruit. Maybe a healthy cereal is more your style. But sit down and have at least a small meal. Again, focus on the positive affirmations. Enjoy telling yourself how wonderful you are while you’re savoring your food.
  7. Meditate or read something inspiring. Take 10 minutes to meditate or read. Inspiring reading material will motivate you and get your ready for the day.
  8. Review your goals. Take 5 minutes and review your goals. Goals that are reviewed regularly are far more likely to be met. Make your goals a priority.
  9. Attack the day. Now you’re ready to get out there and accomplish something. How could you not be successful? Continue thinking positively for as long as possible. You’ll find that you can make it a little longer each day.

This routine outlined above may take 90 minutes or more to complete. If that’s longer than you can spend, come up with an abbreviated version that works for you. The keys are to get your water, practice positive self-talk, and have time to eat in peace.

A well thought out morning routine can have a significant impact on your life, happiness, and success. Give it a try and see how it changes your day. Your boss will be thrilled too, guaranteed.